I joined the Back to Joy retreat end of April 2022 …We were taken on a journey to rejuvenate our soul, mind and spirit and body, to come Back to Joy with Jennifer’s excellent guidance through yoga & meditation & sound healing. Jennifer has this unique presence and I love how she teaches and shares her knowledge about Yin Chinese medicine, mixed with mantras and different forms of yoga and meditation and sound healing.

Another important part on the retreat was the food. Not only delicious and nourishing, it was also very beautiful presented. The schedule also offered a couple of free hours every day, which allowed you to discover this beautiful island on your own – or just relax by the swimming pool. Last but not least, It was very inspiring to get to know the other beautiful participants, we shared a lot of laughters and experiences. I left the retreat feeling rested, with a happy soul (and sore muscles ;)) , and I can’t recommend you guys enough to join the next retreat available!